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Centreprint Wolverhampton - Printed Greeting Cards by Centreprint

Centreprint Wolverhampton has a successor.

Sadly, after 40 years of successful trading, Centreprint got caught up in the downturn and was forced to close it's doors in February 2019.

Centreprint Successor

The good news is that Centreprint's original owners, Steve Porter and his wife Chris are once again designing and supplying high quality greeting cards and general print.

Centreprint Artwork Files and Job Records

Steve and Chris hold all Centreprint artwork and image files, going back many years. This means that if you wish to re-order your greeting cards, all your images and artwork are still safely archived. The quality will be the same or better and the prices have been kept as low as possible.

Do you want to get in touch with Centreprint Print & Mail Successors? Steve and Chris Porter, the original owners of Centreprint are very happy to help with any greeting card or general printing query and would be delighted to hear from all customers old and new.